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Posted by jhypsyshah - April 6th, 2015

boing boing boing..think I'll get an endorsement?3170599_142837135621_dickneck.gif

Posted by jhypsyshah - March 7th, 2015

Another spontaneous 1 take, might do more with it later. It started with the riff similar to around the 1:00 mark. Simple and fun, I guess..




Posted by jhypsyshah - February 22nd, 2015

My Korean Conspiracy theory

I have been following some of the events regarding Korean Air and VP Heather Cho (aka the Nut Rage Incident). My observations lead me to believe that the headlines are merely the tip of the iceberg. The headlines address the following:

First, Korean Air VP Heather Cho (Cho Hyun Ah) verbally abuses Head purses Park (name is important) while plane is on a tarmac, for improper performance. Cho orders pilot to turn plane around and makes Park exit. Cho is accused of verbally abusing head purser and generally making a scene. Forcing him to kneel, etc. No one was injured, in my humble opinion, it was really blown out of proportion. It just happened to happen to a well known heiress. The headlines convicted them before the actual court date.

I'm going to stop there to point out that the flight attendant was in the wrong and was not following correct procedures. When asked for his employee manual, he did not have one either. Cho was furious and I'm not saying her behavior was right either. However, I will say that with all of the problems in the world with hijackings and aviation in the past 15 years, I can't really blame her for not wanting someone who wasn't following procedures on her flight. It was also her job to oversee such things specificly and I can see her even perceiving his actions as blatant disrespect towards her..keep that last part in mind..

Next comes public outrage. They say that this was sparked over the way that the elite (Chaebol, family business empires,  business conglomerate) families in power treat the masses that are employed by them. Not surprising, it echoed the usual, rabid 'eat the rich' mentallity.  The public very much wanted her to 'pay', it was obvious that she not only would but was also to become a scapegoat for these things.

Heather Cho and another from Korean Air were immediately arrested for tampering and trying to cover up the incident.  Cho was sentenced, not long afterwards, to a year in jail. Same stuff every Corporation in the states would do, to say the least but they were singled out and jailed for it.

Before she was jailed, her father had already made her apoligize for her behavior and personally took responsibility for not 'raising her right'. This seemed to have no effect on the public outcry.

Cho made an appeal immediately afterwards, under the grounds that the plane had not lifted, so therefor she was not in violation of aviation laws, since the plane was not 'in the air'.

Park was offered a large sum as compensation after she was sentenced, mind you she didn't have to do this but Park refused the compensation. He stated it would be dishonorable to accept and wished to continue working with Korean Air.

Stay with me..

Immediately after the trial came headlines for what is nicknamed Cho Hyun Ah Laws. Which in theory are to be enforced on high ranking family business owners in an effort to keep them from 'abusing their power'.
Now something I've noticed about these headlines is that a lot of them seemed to be written by people with the last name of Park. I believe even at least one from the BBC (shame on you) had been written by someone with the last name of Park. Which by the way, is not only the name of the 'victim' in the case but also the current Korean President. Since I have voiced this opinion publicly, I have seen a lot more 'unsigned' articles on this case, meaning that the author did not sign their name on the article.


EDIT 2 : Just as a reference so you don't think I'm completely full of shit, here a just a few but they are many and there are many more, all condemning her:

 article by By Madison Park and Paula Hancocks

Judy Kwon and Madison Park

by ju-min park

Sam Kim and Juwon Park


After the first 2 or 3 I thought that it may have been a coincidence but now I'm convinced that it is not..

So for quite some time now, I've been suspecting that this has been a set-up from the beginning. I suspect the Parks have had the whole thing planned the whole time. I don't believe it's about even pleasing the public as much as it is about government control and I see the Cho's as the underdogs. I believe that the masses are wrong and their anger is a little misdirected in this case.

(EDIT 1: If my conspiracy theory is correct, which would amount to the equivalent of corporate sabotage and espionage to say the least, there is something else I was wondering that got left out in the original. It was mentioned that Heather Cho had a drink on the plane prior to 'going nuts'. Given the description of her at the trial by the steward as 'acting like a rabid beast', Isn't it possible that one of the flight stewards drugged her? I think that would make a whole lot of sense, sadly. As any bartender would know, a carbonated beverage would allow a substance to hit her system faster than normal. Also something to consider. )

I have to wonder, shouldn't that law go both ways? Isn't it more important to have a law like that within the government, than in a family business conglomerate? I would think so.

As everyone knows, the media is often merely a tool to achieve influence and spread propaganda.So I have to ask, what's the real deal here? Does the korean government not trust the Korean Corporations? Do they fear them and the loyalty people have to them? Is this going to be a trend now? Something to think about, isn't it?

If you are from the states and like myself, tend to work blue collar for any length of time, then you may have the same opinion I do. First of all, a company apoligizing even non-publically, is rather unheard of. Compensation of this kind is also unheard of. There are many cases here in the US where the employer and the courts do not want to even pay medical expenses for 'real' injuries, injuries that will be sustained by an employee for the rest of their life, much less compensation. It can go on for years until an employee gets anything at all.

That's my rant for now, I may add more later. Cho Yang Ho doesn't sound like a bad guy to me, hehe. I believe if that's the worst that they can get on KA, then good for KA.

Thanks for reading..


Posted by jhypsyshah - January 11th, 2015


Posted by jhypsyshah - September 4th, 2014

Just another live 1 take instrumental done on a cheap internal mic, it's rough and kinda dirty but I kinda dig it because it kinda gives me an idea of what I'm doing. XD


Posted by jhypsyshah - August 23rd, 2014

I wrote some flash fiction in an endeavor to help promote the sequel to the game Caravaneer and ended up writing a little for the game. Have a read and feel free to play the game. It's currently in Beta right now. To get a feel for the storyline, ya might wanna check out the first one. I think the creator really outdid hisself with the second one, I'm very impressed with it already. XD

The characters in the story were created seperate from the original storyline but a little of it was adopted. The creator thought they were kinda cool I guess. Kinda funny how inspiration works, hehe.

Anyway, I'd say it's my favorite flash game of all time. Which says a lot considering all the cool stuff that's on NG and the mudportal..and those other sites I won't mention. :P

Check it out and free free let me know what ya think of the story and the game, if ya like. I don't mind : )



Posted by jhypsyshah - August 5th, 2014

Just postin' up some more rough stuff. Might eventually do something with it but for now it's just some spontaneous 1 takes recorded on a cheap internal mic'. Neither mixed nor mastered. Just live and in the moment, with a dash o' slop:


..anyway I organized them into a playlist. I'll be adding some more later. I did it mostly so I can hear what it sounds like, if that makes sense. I tend to just pick the guitar up and use it as an outlet for self-expression and let a few random brain synapsis fire off..then I'm likely to just forget all about it afterwards.

Feel free to ad your own 1 takes in the comments or in a pm, if ya got any. I don't mind, I'll check 'em out eventually.

peace whenever possible, 


Posted by jhypsyshah - July 23rd, 2014

Just some rough concepts I recorded on a cheap mic. Nothin' great, just some rough ideas, served with a dash of slop.

Dang ole' ching ching chang man..


Something a little different..


based on an old tune about nova scotia (public domain)


Posted by jhypsyshah - July 16th, 2014


6 string goin' in a camera with an internal mic, thought I'd share.

If ya ever get lost in live 1 takes like that, feel free to post them in comments, I don't mind.  :)

Posted by jhypsyshah - July 10th, 2014

Just some spontaneous 1 takes. Wasn't sure where'd I'd go with it, sometimes it's just nice to kinda hear what I'm playing. It gives me a chance to reflect and decide on a structure or a different direction.

*Warning these are really rough and recorded with a low quality internal mic*




This last one isn't original but if ya haven't ran away screaming yet, I'd be curious if it sounded familiar. It's a new take (drop D) on an old song that's probrably been redone several times in different genres: